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Meeting with Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin

Today, ICC Switzerland had the privilege of meeting with Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin which marked an important step in our ongoing dialogue with the Swiss government.

The main purpose was to present our organisation's objectives and initiatives to the Swiss Minister of Economic Affairs. The opportunity has also been taken to congratulate him on achieving the recent free trade agreement with India.


The ICC Digital Standards Initiative was introduced with its significance and potential benefits. This was followed by a brief presentation on ICC Arbitration wherein Switzerland holds a leading position, due to its neutrality, the large pool of highly-experienced arbitrators and the prompt and sound judgments of the Swiss Federal Tribunals when reviewing arbitral awards.


The meeting quickly evolved into a vivid discussion on international trade and Swiss business relations. Federal Councillor Parmelin's insights were highly appreciated by the entire ICC Switzerland delegation, and the meeting ended with a promising outlook for future collaboration.


Audience BR Parmelin


Led by our Chairman Yannick Hausmann, the delegation of ICC Switzerland comprised our Secretary General Jan Atteslander, the President of the ICC Swiss Arbitration Commission Simon Gabriel, our Board members Urs Leimbacher, Christa Markwalder and Luc Schnurrenberger as well as Deputy Secretary General Emmanuelle Benitez de Roux and Timon Müller from the secretariat.