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ICC Switzerland is the voice of Swiss business in the International Chamber of Commerce.
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Call for Case Studies

Showcase Member Action at the United Nations

ICC Headquarters is reaching out to seek your support for an exciting ICC initiative ahead of this year’s United Nations’ High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) – the UN’s central platform to review implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
This year’s HLPF will be held at UN Headquarters in New York from 9 – 18 July 2019.

The HLPF presents an important opportunity for business to showcase its contribution to the implementation of the SDGs and to influence the development of policy frameworks around the 2030 Agenda. To this end, ICC will produce an ICC report detailing business actions, initiatives and recommendations, following on from the success of the ICC Business Action for Sustainable and Resilient Societies report presented at HLPF in 2018.

Call for Case Studies
We are seeking input from members to source compelling case studies of SDG-related initiatives that showcase member action around the specific SDGs under review this year.

Geneva, 10 May 2019

ICC Arbitration Conference - Enforcement, Setting Aside and Related Treaty Claims: A View From Europe

The ICC Arbitration Conference hold at La Maison de La Paix in Geneva on 10 May 2019, was the premier event of its kind in Switzerland at which panelists from all over Europe discuessed on recent trends and decisions in relation to the setting aside and enforcement of arbitral awards and the circumstances under which teh violation of the New York Convention could amount to a violation of investment protection standards. This conference also marked the 100th anniversary of the ICC.


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Geneva, 9 May 2019

4th ICC Geneva Business Dialogue Roundtable

We were happy to have welcomed business, NGO and state representatives to our 4th Business Dialogue Roundtable at the WTO. Under the topic “Harnessing Business Resources to meet the SDGs” the focus lay on SDG 2,3,12 and 17.


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Zürich, 7. Mai 2019 

AHV-Steuervorlage stärkt Wirtschaftsstandort Schweiz

ICC Switzerland empfiehlt JA-Parole

Für ICC Switzerland ist die AHV-Steuervorlage notwendig, um den international ausgerichteten Unternehmen in der Schweiz Rechts- und Investitionssicherheit zu geben. Die aktuellen Steuerprivilegien sind international nicht mehr haltbar und müssen abgeschafft werden. Die AHV-Steuervorlage macht dies im Rahmen der föderalen Steuerpolitik und stärkt somit den Wirtschaftsstandort Schweiz. ICC Switzerland empfiehlt für die Abstimmung vom 19. Mai 2019 ein klares JA.

Upcoming 4th ICC Geneva Business Dialogue Roundtable

Harnessing Business Resources to Help Meet the SDGs

4th Geneva Business Dialogue

To stimulate and facilitate the exchange among international organisations and the respective diplomatic representations in Geneva, ICC Switzerland continues its Geneva Business Dialogue with a series of high-ranking panel presentations and roundtables.


It is part of a weeklong USCIB Geneva programme to support an open dialogue among leaders in the business community, and United Nations and civil society leaders on best strategies for meeting the SDGs, and is a key part of the ICC’s 2019 centennial celebration.


The opening address will be followed by a panel discussion with representatives from International Organisations, Governments, Business and non-governmental organisations.






Zurich, 23 April 2019

Workshop on the ICC Advertising and Marketing Communications Code


ICC Switzerland has organized a workshop together with ks/cs – Communication Switzerland on the new «ICC Advertising and Marketing Communications Code”.


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