To serve as a global forum and rule-making body for banks worldwide, with particular focus on the financing of international trade; and to help policymakers and standard setters create a regulatory framework that facilitates trade finance throughout the world.


Priority Projects

  • Upgrade and grow the ICC Trade Register to establish this data pool as the definitive source of market intelligence for trade finance products for banks, investors and regulators.
  • Secure proportionate capital treatment of trade finance assets in the context of key legislative initiatives.
  • Support the adoption of digital processes under ICC trade finance rules – including through the development and implementation of standardized APIs.[1]
  • Issue new financial crime and risk policy guidance for trade finance transactions.
  • Issue guidance on the application of ICC banking rules in the form of opinions and technical advisory briefings.
  • Assess the need for revisions of or updates to key ICC rules and guidance products.


[1] In conjunction with the ICC Digital Standards Initiative.


Swiss Delegates

  • Philippe Berta, SCCF Structured Commodity & Corporate Finance SA
  • Marilyn Blattner-Hoyle, Swiss Re
  • Meike Egli, UBS AG
  • Hans Kuhn, Wicki Partners AG
  • Barbara Schlaepfer, Zürcher Kantonalbank
  • Stefan Siegfried, UBS Switzerland AG
  • Sonja Straessle Dillier, UBS AG
  • Ricardo A. Stutz, Credit Suisse
  • Pierre Theze, Banque Cantonale Vaudoise


Further Information


Useful Documents

pdfGuidance Paper on the Use of Sanctions Clauses 2014

pdfICC Trade Register Report 2016

pdfNotes on the Principle of Strict Compliance (2016)

pdfUnilateral Jurisdiction Clauses in International Financial Contracts (2015)

pdfGuidance Memo on Opinions and Possible Impact on ISBP 745 and UCP 600

pdfICC DOCDEX Rules (2015)

pdfICC Uniform Customs Practice Credits (eUCP) v2.0

pdfICC Uniform Rules for Collections (eURC) v1.0

pdfStandard Definitions for Techniques of Supply Chain Finance (SCF) (2016)