Alexander von Ziegler




To set global business standards for international B2B transactions and provide world business input on commercial rules developed by intergovernmental organisations.


Priority Projects

  • Develop and pilot practical tools to facilitate the effective use of the ICC Incoterms® rules by businesses throughout the world.
  • Update ICC’s suite of model contracts to meet new business needs.
  • Monitor the evolution of new technologies with a view to identifying opportunities to facilitate the effective use of ICC tools and standards.
  • Champion the modernization of legal frameworks to enable digitalization of cross-border trade processes.[1]


[1] In conjunction with the ICC Digital Standards Initiative


Swiss Delegates

  • Manuela Baeriswyl, SwissHoldings
  • Jacques Beglinger, Swiss Re
  • Claudia Feusi, ZFEB+
  • Andràs Gurovits, Niederer Kraft & Frey 
  • Erich Herzog, economiesuisse  
  • Philipp Muster, Swiss Shippers' Council
  • Robert Rom, rlr arbitration
  • Christian Roos, Pestalozzi 
  • Jean Paul Vulliéty, Desgouttes
  • Alexander von Ziegler, Coordinator, Schellenberg & Wittmer


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