To promote simplified customs and transport policies and procedures as well as other measures to facilitate international trade.


Priority Projects

  • Deliver business insights into key World Customs Organization workstreams – including on valuation and product classifications.
  • Deliver thought leadership on emerging challenges for national customs agencies in areas such as circular economy, e-commerce and digitalization.[1]
  • Advocate for improved “trusted trader” programmes, including through amendments to relevant WCO standards.
  • Provide a platform to identify – and respond to – key in-country trade facilitation challenges utilising the full reach of ICC’s national committee network.


[1] In conjunction with the ICC Global Trade Commission


Committee on Customs and Trade Regulations

  • Provide input into the work of the World Customs Organization (WCO) on customs valuation and classification including through the WCO Private Sector Consultative Group.
  • Build on the success of the inaugural ICC Symposium on Trade Facilitation and hold follow-up event.
  • Encourage convergence between tax and customs authorities on transfer pricing and customs valuation.
  • Produce “ICC Guidelines for Traders” and increase dissemination of ICC Customs Guidelines to national customs administrations.
  • Revisit the impact of customs duties on trade in intellectual property and services.
  • Map out work on rules of origin to address the growing number of bilateral/regional FTAs.


Swiss Delegates

  • Jan Atteslander, economiesuisse
  • Catia Capaul, economiesuisse
  • Emmanuel Devin, Philip Morris International SA
  • Claudia Feusi, ZFEB+
  • Denis Fichot, JT International SA
  • Thorsten Hohmann, Handelskammer beider Basel
  • Erik Jandrasits, scienceindustries
  • Othmar Koch, Schindler Management Ltd
  • Maria Victoria Pantoni, Philip Morris International SA
  • Florian Regli, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
  • Margot Stuart, OriginAll SA
  • Alexander von Ziegler, Schellenberg Wittmer 


Further Information