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Kopie von Swiss Arbitration Commission Collage 6

Urs Weber

Urs Weber-Stecher







  • The ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR comprises a team of lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, in-house counsel and law professors from more than 90 countries.
  • The Commission holds two annual meetings at which proposed Reports and other Commission products are discussed, debated, and voted on
  • The work of the Commission is hereby often carried out in special purpose Task Forces. Commission members are nominated by the National Committees for becoming a member of a Task Force. The Task Forces and Working Groups are of paramount importance for the Commission to succeed in accomplishing its mission.
  • The Commission’s mission is to produce reports and guidelines on legal, procedural and practical aspects of dispute resolution.
  • The Commission proposes new policies and tools to innovate and promote efficient and cost-effective settlement of disputes.
  • The Commission also discusses and contributes to the drafting of proposed revisions to the ICC Rules of Arbitration and other arbitration rules, such as the Rules on ICC as Appointing Authority. It drafts and approves the ICC Mediation Rules, Expert Rules and Dispute Board Rules.


Swiss Delegates

  • Urs Weber-Stecher, Coordinator, Weber-Stecher Arbitration Mediation
  • Diana Akikol, Walder Wyss
  • Homayoon Arfazadeh, PYTHON 
  • Dominique Brown-Berset, Brown & Page 
  • Christoph Brunner, Peter & Kim
  • Xavier Favre-Bulle, Lenz & Staehelin 
  • Simon Gabriel, Gabriel Arbitration 
  • Anya George, Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd
  • Teresa Giovannini, LALIVE
  • Pierre-Yves Gunter, Bär & Karrer 
  • Philipp Habegger, Habegger Arbitration
  • Anne-Catherine Hahn, Wartmann Merker
  • Daniel Hochstrasser, Bär & Karrer
  • Radu Ionescu, PMG Consulting Engineers & Economists

  • Alexandra Johnson, Pestalozzi
  • Julia Jung, Jung Legal Solutions
  • Laurent Killias, Pestalozzi Attorneys at Law
  • Catherine Anne Kunz, LALIVE
  • John Moetteli, Da Vinci Partners LLC 
  • Anna Noël, Noël Legal
  • Christian Oetiker, Vischer AG 
  • Stefanie Pfisterer, Homburger
  • Philippe Preti, Mentha Avocats 
  • Anne-Véronique Schlaepfer, White & Case LLP
  • Michael Schneider, LALIVE 
  • Frank Spoorenberg, Tavernier Tschanz
  • Pierre Tercier, Bureau Professeur Tercier
  • Nathalie Voser, rothorn legal AG
  • Rabab Yasseen, Mentha Avocats 


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